JOHN 1:20-23 => And he acknowledged and not denied, and he acknowledged; not am I the Christ. And they asked him, What, then? Elijah you? And he says; not I am. The prophet are you? And he answered; No. They said then to him, Who are you? that an answer we may give to those having sent us. What do you say about yourself? He said: I (am) a voice crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of (the) Lord, as said Isaiah the prophet. (ILB)

Father of us in the heavens, let be sanctified the name of You. Let come the kingdom of You; let be done the will of You, as in Heaven, also on the earth. The bread of us daily, give to us today, and forgive us the debts of us, as also we forgive the debtors of us. And not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil; because of You is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory to the ages. In [On] the Name[sake] of YOUR CHRIST, Jesus - the HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK FOREEVER AND EVER, ([Amen.]) I A-MAN.

Greetings in the name of Our LORD and Sovereign (Our [God] Father who is in heaven, for Hallowed is HIS NAME.) through HIS Son (my Lord), Jesus - HIS CHRIST, and on HIS ACCOUNT I bid Each One, and All of You, that "Blessings attend Each One, and All of You, that the King of kings; being the HIGH PRIEST OF MELCHIZEDEK - FOREEVER AND EVER and the PRINCE OF PEACE, give Each One, and All of You, that PEACE which passes all mortal understanding (and wisdom) and when Each One [of All of You] has finished Their course (being of memorable, full, and rich days) before the LORD on earth may the KING OF GLORY welcome Each One, as They arrive, to HIS GLORIOUS KINGDOM in the name of HIS Son - Jesus; the High Priest of Melchizedek, [Amen.] I A-MAN.

- for there is a time for everything under the sun in its appropriate time (see ECCLESIASTES 3:1-11).

'CONSOLATION, ISAIAH 40:1-66:24: THE GREATNESS OF GOD, ISAIAH 40:1-48:22: The Majesty of the LORD, ISAIAH 40:1-31 [In Releasing Judah from Captivity, ISAIAH 40:1-11 (ILB)]Comfort, comfort My people, says your God. Speak to the heart of Jerusalem, and call to her, that is fulfilled her warfare, that is pardoned her iniquity; for she has taken from hand Jehovah's double for all her sins. The voice of him crying in the wilderness, Prepare the way of Jehovah; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and shall become the steep ground a level place, and the rough places a plain. And shall be revealed the glory of Jehovah, and shall see all flesh together, for the mouth of Jehovah has spoken. A voice said, Cry! And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh (is) grass, and all its grace as the flower of the field! Dries up the grass, fades the flower; for the breath of Jehovah blows on it; surely (is) grass the people. Dries up the grass, fades the flower; but the word of our God shall rise forever. On the mountain high Go up for yourself, bringer of tidings to Zion. Lift up with strength your voice, bringer of tidings to Jerusalem. Lift up; not do fear. Say to the cities of Judah, Behold, your God! Behold, the Lord Jehovah with strength will come, and His arm rules for Him. Behold, His reward (is) with Him, and His wage before Him. Like a shepherd His flock He shall feed; with His arm He shall gather lambs, and in His bosom carry (them); those with young He will lead it.[ ];

[In Relation to the Creation, ISAIAH 40:12-31 (ILB)]Who has measured in his hand the waters, and the heavens by the span meted out; and enclosed in the measure the dust of the earth, and weighed in the balance the mounts and the hills in scales? Who has meted out the Spirit of Jehovah, or a man His counsel taught Him? With whom took He counsel and who trained Him and taught Him in the path of justice; and taught Him knowledge, and the way of discernment made known to Him? Lo, nations (are) like a drop from a bucket, and as dust of the scales are reckoned. Lo, coasts as a little thing He takes up. And Lebanon is not enough to burn; and its beasts are not enough (for) a burnt offering. All the nations (are) as nothng before Him, less than nothing and emptiness they are reckoned to Him. And to whom will you liken God? Or what likeness will you array to Him? The carved image pours out the craftsman; and the smelter with the gold spreads it; and chains of silver he casts. He (too) poor for (that) offering, a tree not that will rot chooses; a craftsman skilled he seeks for him, to prepare a carved image; that not will be shaken. Have not you known? Have not you heard? Was not it told from the beginning to you? Did not you discern (from) the foundations of the earth? He who sits over the circle of the earth, even its dwellers (are) like grasshoppers; He who stretches like the curtain the heavens, and spreads them like a tent to live in; who gives potentates into nothing; judges of the earth as nothing He makes. Yes, not shall they be planted; yes, not they are sown; yes, not taking root in the earth their stem. And also He blows on them, and they wither; and the tempest like stubble shall take them away. And to whom will you liken Me, or am I equaled, says the Holy One ? Lift up on high your eyes and see: who has created these, bringing out by number their host? to them all by name He calls, by greatness of vigor and mighty of power; one not is lacking. Why will you say, O Jacob; and speak, O Israel, is hidden my way from Jehovah, and from my God my judgment shall pass over? Have not you known? Or not have you heard? The God everlasting! Jehovah (is), the Creator of the ends of the earth, not He is faint and not grows weary, not is searching to His understanding. (He) gives to the faint power; and him with no vigor, might He increases. Even are faint youths and fatigued; and young men surely shall stumble; but waiters for Jehovah shall renew power; they shall go up (with) wings as the eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not be faint.[ ];

In Comparison to Idols, ISAIAH 41:1-29 [excerpt from: The Final Restoration of Israel - ISAIAH 41:1 (ILB)]Be quiet before Me, O coasts; and peoples shall renew their power. They come near, then they speak; together for judgment let us draw near.[ ];'

O Merchant, I know you, an oppressor. (The Days of Judgment Have Come, [HOSEA 9:1-2 (ILB)]not do rejoice, O Israel, for joy, as the peoples. For you have fornicated away from your God. You have loved a harlot's hire on all grain floors of grain. The floor and winepress not shall feed them, and new wine shall fail in her.[ ])

O Merchant, I know you, an oppressor. (Ephraim's Sins Rebuked by God, [HOSEA 11:12-12:14 (ILB)]surrounds Me with lying Ephraim; and with deceit the house of Israel; but Judah still rules with God, and with the holy ones is faithful. Ephraim feeds on wind and pursues the east wind. All the day lies and ruin he multiplies. And a covenant with Assyria they cut, and oil into Egypt is carried. And a quarrel (is) to Jehovah with Judah, even to visit Jacob according to his ways; according to his acts He will repay to him. In the womb he took by the heal his brother, and by his strength he contended with God. Yes, he contended with the Angel and overcame; he wept and pleaded to Him (At) Bethel He finds us, and there He speaks with us, even Jehovah the God of hosts. Jehovah (is) his memorial. Therefore you to your God return; mercy and judgment keep, and wait on your God always. (He is) a merchant; in his hand (are) scales of deceit; to oppress he loves. And said Ephraim, yet I am rich; I have found wealth for me; (in) all my labors not they shall find in me iniquity that (is) sin. And I (am) Jehovah your God, from the land of Egypt, yet I will make you live in tents, as the days of meeting. Also I have spoken by the prophets, and I visions have multiplied, and by the hand of the prophets use parables. (is) Gilead evil? Surely vanity they have been. In Gilgal bullocks they have sacrificed. Yes, their altars (are) as heaps on the furrows of the field. And fled Jacob into the field of Syria, and served Israel for a wife; and for a wife he kept watch. And by a prophet brought up Jehovah Israel from Egypt, and by a prophet he was guarded. has made (Me) angry Ephraim most bitterly. Therefore his blood on him he shall leave, and his reproach shall turn to him his Lord.)

O Merchant, I know you, an oppressor. (Ephraim's Destruction Foretold, [HOSEA 13:1-16 (ILB)]When spoke Ephraim trembling, lifted (himself) up he in Israel; but he offended in Baal, and he died. And now they more and more sin, and have made themselves a casted image of their silver, by their skill idols, work of craftsmen all of it. Of them they say, They who sacrifice, men, calves let them kiss. Therefore they shall be as a cloud of morning and as the dew rising early to go, as chaff storm driven from the floor; and as smoke out of the window. Yet I (am), Jehovah your God from the land of Egypt, and gods other than Me not you shall know. For a Savior not is besides Me. I have known you in the wilderness, in the land of drought. According to their pasture, so they were filled. They were filled and he lifted up their heart; therefore they have forgotten Me. Now I am to them as a lion; as a lepoard by the way I will watch. I will meet them as a bear bereaved, and will tear the lining of their heart. And I will devour them there as a lion; the beast of the field shall tear them. You are destroyed, O Israel, but in Me (is) your help. Where (is) your king now, that he may save you in all your cities; and your judges of whom you said, Give to me a king and rulers? I give to you a king in My anger, and take away in My fury. is bound up, The iniquity of Ephraim; hidden (is) his sin. The pains of a woman in travail shall come to him; he (is) a son not wise, for (in) the time not he does stand in the time of breaking out of sons. from hand Sheol's I will ransom them. From death I will redeem them. Where (are) your plagues, O death; where (is) your ruin, O Sheol? Repentance is hid from My eyes. Though he among brothers is fruitful, shall come an east wind. The wind of Jehovah from the wilderness comes up, and shall become dry his spring, and shall be dried up his fountain, He shall plunder the treasure of all vessels of desire. shall be desolate Samaria, for she has rebelled against her God. By the sword they shall fall. Their infants shall be dashed, and their pregnant women ripped up.[ ])

O Merchant, I know you, an oppressor. (Israel Restored at Last, [HOSEA 14:1-9 (ILB)]Return, O Israel, to Jehovah your God, for you have fallen by your iniquity. Take with you words and return to Jehovah. Say to Him, all Take away iniquity, and receive (us) well and we will repay (with) the calves of our lips. Assyria not shall save us, on a horse not we will ride. And not we shall say any more, Our gods! to the work of our hands. For in You finds mercy the orphan. I will heal their backsliding; I will love them freely; for has turned My anger away from him. I will be as the dew to Israel; He shall blossom as the lily, and cast out his roots in Lebanon. shall go His branches, and he shall be as the olive tree in his beauty and smell to him (is) as Lebanon. shall They return who live in his shadow; they shall live (as) the grain, and blossom as the vine, their memory as the wine of Lebanon. Ephraim (shall say), What (is) to me any more with idols? I, I eyed (him); and surveyed him I (am) as a cypress green. From Me Your fruit is found. Who (is) wise and discerns these things? Discerning, and knows them? For (are) right the ways of Jehovah, and the righteous shall walk in them. But transgressors shall stumble in them.[ ])

In speaking from my own personal experience with debaucheries: I became frustrated from the lack of ability to effectively reason what was going on about me that was contrary to what I learned (from my one surviving Great-Grandmother and both my Grandmothers {as my Grandfathers had passed away before I had a chance to really speak with them} and their Son and Daughter {my Dad and Mom} that made my [partially spoken of here] immediate family) when I entered the world on my own (to make my own way in the world). ...I was not skilled to understand the ways of the world, as I was brought up in the ways and teachings of The LORD and HIS Son [not exempting the HOLY SPIRIT] - and such ways are not that of the expected ways of the world as it existed then and definitely exists in a worsened fallen (apostatzied) state in this present period - and I turned to a luring release that I had come to know that "numbed" my pain(s) of reason (but I still cherished and effected (by my best abilities) my learned beliefs in and of God through HIS Son - my Savior and [truest] Friend from since my earliest recollected young youth).

I have celebrated the 57th 58th 59th 60th anniversary of my [earthly] life having [longsufferingly] endured the times of the path I've walked here on earth with my truest Friend, Jesus - the Christ, Whom I trust never ever having left my side (or otherwise, "has carried me'), even when I was [shall I say] "put on ice", (Praise You In This Storm, by: Casting Crowns). I awoke in a [county] jail cell when I was 29 and my [truest] Friend moved [again] miraculously [if not - compassionately and timely] (as I viewed it then, but now understand it to be: by [HIS] Divine Intervention to provision [for [years]] later for eventual freedom for me from the world's deceitful ensnaring and oppressive grasp gradually [to me; from the possible perishable destruction I was unaware I could've been heading for]. I now whole-heartedly believe and know it was (being unequivocally in HIS Prudent design) for me to continue forward in HIS WILL [regardless of my will - which I've learned to put my will on the back burner and be prepared for any moment of spontaneity (simply due to "when HE speaks, I listen and move" because I['ve] suffer[ed] because I didn't listen to that [good]voice in me before - so I've learned 'Move it when HE says "Move"' and respectively HE does [and has] call[ed] on me when I'm engaged in something that requires I finish up the task to a non-neglectful, non-endangering, or non-harmful, or otherwise - to a stabilized, point that would cause no harm or injury to person(s), property(ies) or any other (I'm not partial and I don't take bribes) thing seen in HIS CREATION that may possibly come enter harms-way by my inattentiveness to excel[lent] prudence - mediocre and less is not in my vocabulary list except to evaluate out deficiency(ies) in expectation(s) to (if not - in) personal [spiritual] growth, so to speak - in [a] more wise advantage in and for HIS Glorious Purpose(s) - which is still being revealed to me in my obedience and diligence)]) and I then knew that if I replaced my [so-called 'by the world to attempt to dilute and attempt to break my spirit that it [as the lorded power(s) that be of the world] knew my [good] spirit to be powerful in goodness against it - even though I had no idea at the time'] addictions [[with just as much diligence as I used] with God's Word (the Scripture(s)) and diligently suffer The LORD'S ROD OF CORRECTION while intently listening and watching for the guidance from the STAFF OF INSTRUCTION through and in continuance to claw back up and back onto the [narrow] Path of Life through the thorns and thistles along and down the steep slope (along side of the narrow path) [that if one can not, or - will not (by free-will choice), stop the[ir] fall eventually becomes the[ir] fall [on]to the broad road of destruction and ultimately leads to [spiritual] death (being what is referred to as separation from the Love of God that leaves one hollow, empty, lacking, aggrieved, sorrowed, depressed, and/or otherwise woe'd to say the least of the miseries that befall's one by the[ir] own fleshed handy-work and sooner-or-later then they seek to place the blame, responsibility in displacement from of themselves in an attempt to feel something better when in all actuality it leads to a worsened condition and the Fallen One feeds even greater and harder on th[os]e until they start physically lashing out to oppress others and when that fails they turn on themselves and start the devouring process on themselve's that leads into the abyss succumbing to the real, proverbial "Dark side" (as they inveigled to believe that "it is better to Reign in Hell than to Serve in Heaven"). little But do they realize, or [desire] the common sense (which is: knowledge and understanding of the Holy One's) - having no understanding attached to it and therefore there can be no wisdom present ever for any reason, even the most feebly concocted delusion in the[ir] derision(s) they perceive as reasonable - that the Fallen One does not share his [limited being Heavenly restrained] power (see JOB 1:6-12) and he therefore needs as much [to steal, slay, and destroy] power as he can lure away from you with his deceitful and ensnaring practice(s). Where[as], then, truthfully, in CHRIST Jesus one becomes an inheritor to the kingdom of God, and, Jesus shares His Glorious Inheritance of the AUTHORITY OVER ANGELS AND AUTHORITIES AND POWER AND SUBSEQUENTLY LOWER (AND SUBJECT[ED]) World[ly] Principalities AND Powers having the earth as His footstool and Satan has had only the crown of the throne of the world (which is a part upon the earth [until] under the feet of Jesus - as a matter of fact Satan is so [spiritually] low he can't even get kicked - the poor sot: he has to be trod upon - always getting crushed by those in Christ - someone a-like or kin[dred] to me)] that many fall off onto when they [desiring to] enter themselves [alone, without [good] fellowship of the body of Christ] [[on]to] the narrow path [from not watching, lacking conscionable prudence and knowledge, their footing on the narrow path]] and seek HIM, and HIS WILL, out that I stood a very good chance I would find my way home the way HE always intended me to [return to] be with[in[to]] HIM by. Therefore I'm here now and I'm waiting on the Glorious Day knowing that HE and HIS Son are with[in[to]] me, as 'He receiving you Me receives, and he Me receiving receives the (One) sending Me. (MATTHEW 10:40 (ILB))'.

... Well, By the awesomely great established absolute dominion of the kingdom of God and being courageous knowing Who goes before [me] and WHO (i.e., I A[M] THAT I A[M]) STANDS BEHIND [me] to accomplish HIS WILL on earth as it is in the Heavens [I] stand with HIS ABSOLUTE POWER and MOST HIGH AND HOLY FEARFUL AUTHORITY OVER ANGELS AND AUTHORITIES AND POWER AND SUBSEQUENTLY LOWER (AND SUBJECT[ED]) World[ly] Principalities AND Powers that have been placed in [my, as being an inheritor of] Our Master's/Creator's (hence: Friend's) Possession and [I] use it only in HIS WILL for HIS WILL as HIS WILL against the (evil/dark) power(s) that be [jealous[ly] and/or (otherwise) wicked[ly] coveting to the] lording over the earth age present [and th[os]e inhabitant(s)]. Now, then, and, as such being furnaced[ibly] refined by The Most High's Holy Spirit Present ...
O Merchant, I know you, an oppressor. 'You are me!' You (are me) in the world ("world" being: this present age operating/occupying upon this His earth) seeking to fill [my] open (or - [once] secreted) desire(s) for debauchery(ies), arrogance(s), pride, deceitfulness, lustfulness (and such other abominations, and/or abhorrent, and/or destestable behavior(s) before the unescapable presence of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit) desires selfishly [[even minimally] to the point of the least thought of hiding/ignoring, destroying/ruining, neglect[ing], lying, cheating, stealing, coveting, and furthermore notwithstanding - the other evildoing(s) that lead to greater, and/or, cascading escalation(s)] against The Father('s), The Son('s), and[/or] The Holy Spirit('s) commandment(s), instruction(s), guidance(s), and correction(s) to eventual[ly] discover[[y]ed]/reveal[[ing]ed] [at the [finalized/totaled] expense of [my]self and/or [an]other anytime, anywhere, and/or anyplace] for [my]self [or another I might, could, and/or would do it for in awareness (or unawareness) from [my] lack of discipline to accept instruction and/or correction of God's Holy Word being GENESIS 1:1-JUDE (1:)25 primarily and notwithstanding REVELATION and other Divinely Inspired Scripture(s)] and not seeking the righteous and justified action(s) to the edification(s) of [my] fellow man above [my] own - [my]self in feeding the 'desires of [my] flesh (being: transgression[s] into sin[s])' and 'not (being: forsaking)' [my] spirit to feed others mindful flesh to 'break (being: lift)' their spirit out to 'drive (being: witness)' the[ir] flesh [in]to the '[newly created] spirit (being: souls living)' to 'drive (being: mission[ary])' the fleshed desires [in]to seeking the righteous and justified action(s) to the edification(s) of the[ir] fellow man above the[ir] own.
(let us) Therefore tend[ing] to the[, if not: Our] Master's (being: Wisdom's)' flock (of sheep) keeping them from the 'harm of the wilderness (being: "the merchandising - "commercialism: television, [non-sensible] fictions, instant gratification, and, such that has always existed when men are left to their own devise[s], such as Immoralities, and such other Promiscuousnesses" of yesterday's - today's - tomorrow's [deceitful and detestable] commercialism practices - for as both; seller and buyer, shall exist as there is the selfish-fleshed desire of one to conduct themselves in such distracting mannerism[s] that feed themselves alone and drives them into a rutted miserable and hollow existence in which they grope attaching themselves and luring others in to suffer with them in their misery and separation from the '"Made To Thrive" in contentment from the "peace which passes all mortal understanding (and wisdom)"'")'.

O UNGODLY WRETCH THAT YOU ARE!! - I (in [clear and conscionable mind[set] towards The [Heavenly] Father, The [Heavenly] Son, and The [Powerful, and, Witnessing] Holy Spirit (minimally, as a first step)] zeal for the glorious righteousness and justification of THE LORD God ALMIGHTY, my [personal] salvation through [accepting - without reservation(s) and without forsaking "I (am) Jehovah your God who has brought you out from the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage: not shall there be to you gods any other besides Me. not You shall make for yourself a graven image or any likeness which (is) in the heavens above, or which (is) in the earth beneath, or which (is) in the waters under the earth; not you shall bow down to them, and not you shall serve them; for I (am) Jehovah your God, a God jealous visiting the iniquity of fathers on children, on the third generation and the fourth on generation, to those that hate Me; and doing kindness to thousands, to those loving Me and to those keeping My commandments. not You shall take the name of Jehovah your God in vain; for not will not leave unpunished Jehovah (him) who takes His name in vain. Remember day the Sabbath, to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work; and day the seventh is a Sabbath to Jehovah your God. not You shall do any work, you, and your son and your daughter, your male slave and your slave-girl, and your cattle, and your stranger who (is) in your gates. for (in) six days made Jehovah the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all which (is) in them, and He rested on the day seventh; therefore blessed Jehovah day the Sabbath and sanctified it. Honor your father and mother so that may be long your days on the land which Jehovah your God is giving to you. not You shall murder. not You shall commit adultery. not You shall steal. not You shall testify against your neighbor a witness false. not You shall not covet house your neighbor's; not you shall covet wife your neighbor's, or his male slave, or his slave-girl, or his ox, or his ass, or anything which (belongs) to your neighbor. (EXODUS 20:2-17 (ILB))", and, "not do think that I came to annul the law or the prophets. Not I came to annul, but to fulfil. truly For I say to you, Until pass away the heavens and earth, iota one or one point in no way shall pass away from the law, until all things occur. Whoever, then, relaxes one of commandments these the least, and teaches so men, least he shall be called in the kingdom of the heavens; who But ever does (them) and teaches, this one great shall be called in the kingdom of the heavens. I say For to you that if not shall exceed the righteousness of you more than the scribes and Pharisees, in no way shall you go into the kingdom of the heavens. (MATTHEW 5:17-20 (ILB))"]) in complete, whole, and, utter submission to be subject[ed] unto] HIS Son, and in protection for and to those near, dear, and friend[ly] to me) would (and will spiritually) kill (not - murder - but rip up and tear asunder [in]to pieces such wickedness) you when I [could and will] see and eventually (being: with[in] myself) catch you - so [deceitful] merchant take truthful heed that you better not stop fleeing from me in this age.

'Myself within I [can not deny, and] do reveal and testify by I AM (YHVH; also referenced to some as: YHWH, Jehovah ...) [[is] within The Glorious Everlasting LORD'S Lifesong of the [earthy lifelong] obedient and diligent servant since the ushered beginning upon the earth] HIS From Dark (Deep) Waters (Douglas) A Resolute Protector (William) To Thresh (Drescher)' and having come to good ripe age before The Creator do pray: Father of us in the heavens, let be sanctified the name of You. Let come the kingdom of You: let be done the will of You, as in Heaven, also on the earth. The bread of us daily, give to us today, and forgive us the debts of us, as also we forgive the debtors of us. And not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil; because of You is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory to the ages. In [On] the Name[sake] of CHRIST Jesus. Amen. I A-MAN.

Knowledge with understanding is the wisdom (riches, [with] honor, and [is the] life) of the Kingdom of God - In the house of the Father of Me dwellings many are - otherwise, I would have told you; I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare for you a place, again I am coming and will receive you to Myself, that where am I, also you may be. And where I go you know, and the way you know. (JOHN 14:2-4 (ILB)). Life[[,] continues, being] an awesomely wondrous journey as I have witnessed, participated, willingly received all things presented before for instruction to knowledge, understanding (whereby through adhering in discipline and diligence) to [God's Word] wisdom may be [and was] imparted and fathomed granting a graced and truly blessed lifesong [witnessed] before and [in]to The Holy Spirit of The [Heavenly] Father and The [Heavenly] Son.

THE REPUDIATION OF THE SON OF MAN BY MEN, LUKE 9:51-19:27; Instruction in the Light of Rejection, LUKE 12:1-19:27; Concerning entrance into the kingdom, LUKE 18:15-30; [LUKE 18:27 (ILB)]He And said, The things impossible with men possible is with God.[ ]

Grace Means Sobriety, 1 PETER 1:13-2:10, In Holiness: [1 PETER 1:13-16 (ILB)]Therefore, girding up the loins of the mind of you, being sober, perfectly hope on the being brought to you grace at (the) revelation of Jesus Christ. As children of obedience, not fashioning yourselves to the formerly in the ignorance of you lusts, but according to the calling you Holy One, also yourselves holy in all conduct become. Because it has been written: holy Be, because I holy am.[ ]

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Thank You, The LORD through HIS SON, CHRIST Jesus, Love You Always Friend[ly visitor],

[JUDE (1:)10-12 (ILB)]But what things not they know, they speak evil of; what things and naturally - as the without reason animals - they understand, by these they are corrupted. Woe to them, because in the way of Cain they went, and to the error of Balaam (for) reward gave themselves, and in the gainsaying of Korah perished! These are in the love feasts of you rocky reefs feasting together with you, without fear themselves feeding, clouds of waterless by winds having carried about trees autumn without fruit, twice dying having been uprooted,[ ]

Pray You Repentance Unto Baptism In [On] The Name Of Jesus Christ To Forgiveness Of Sins.