([N]ot [E]ndingly [M]aterialized - I [W]ill [N]ot [E]ntertain, for ... the gazer .... [P]roof and [R]e-proof ...)


[The Supremacy of Love over Gifts, 1 Corinthians 13:1-13]

[1 CORINTHIANS 13:11 (ILB)]When I was an [I]nfant, as an [I]nfant I [S]poke, as an [I]nfant I [T]hought, as an [I]nfant I [R]easoned; when but [B]ecame I [A] [[M]AN], I [D]id [A]way [W]ith the things of " the infant! ".[ ]

To [R]ender [F]irm wounds [A] [[L]OVER]; but deceitful the kisses of a bitter disdained one (PROVERBS 27:6 (ILB)).


[Trust and Honor God, Proverbs 3:1-12]

[PROVERBS 3:11-12 (ILB)]The chastening of Jehovah, my son, not do reject; and not do loathe His correction; for whom loves Jehovah He corrects, even as a father the son he is pleased with.[ ]



[PSALM 133:1-3 (ILB)]B[EHOLD]! H[OW] [[G]OOD AND] [[P]LEASANT] [[T]HE] [[L]IVING] [[B]RETHERN] [E]ven [[I]N] [[U]NITY]! Like the [[O]IL] [[P]RECIOUS] on [[T]HE] [[H]EAD]; [[T]HAT] [[R]AN] [[D]OWN] [[O]N THE] [B]eard - [B]eard of Aaron's, [[G]OING] [[D]OWN] [[T]O] [[T]HE] [[B]INDING OF] [[W]OVEN] [[W]ORK OF] [[H]IS] [[G]ARMENTS]; like the dew of Harmon coming down on the mountains of Zion; for [T]here COMMANDED Jehovah THE BLESSING; LIFE TILL EVERLASTING.[ ]



[PSALM 78:1-72 (ILB)]Give ear, O my people, to my law; bow your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open in a parable my mouth; I will pour out dark speech of old, which we have heard and known them, and our fathers have told to us. not We will hide from their sons; to the generation following declaring the praises of Jehovah; and H[IS] S[TRENGTH] and H[IS] W[ONDERFUL] W[ORKS], which H[E] has D[ONE]. For H[E] R[AISED] [A] T[ESTIMONY] [I]n Jacob, and [A] L[AW] S[ET IN] Israel; which H[E] C[OMMANDED] our fathers, to make known T[HEM], to their sons; so that may know a generation coming; [S]ons [S]hall [B]e [B]orn - [T]hey [S]hall [R]ise [U]p and [T]ell [T]heir [S]ons, so that [T]hey [M]ay [S]et [I]n God [T]heir [C]onfidence, and [N]ot [F]orget [T]he W[ORKS OF] God, but H[IS] C[OMMANDS] [K]eep. And not they shall be like their fathers, a generation [stub]born and rebellious, a generation not prepared it's [H]eart; and not was faithful with God whose spirit. The sons of Ephraim were armed shooters of the bows - turned in the day of battle. not They did keep the C[OVENANT OF] God, and in His Law they refused to walk. And they forgot His Works, and His Wonders which He had shown them. Before their fathers He did Wonders In the land of Egypt - the field of Zoan. He divided the sea and passed through them; and He made the waters stand as in a heap. And He led them in a cloud by day, and all the night by a light of fire. He split the rocks in the wilderness and made them drink, as depths great. And He brought out streams of the rock, and made run down like torrents waters. And they added still to sin against Him, to rebel against THE MOST HIGH in the desert. And they tempted God in their hearts by asking food for their souls. And they spoke against God, saying: 'Shall be able God to arrange a table in the wilderness?'. Behold, He struck the rock and gushed out the waters - the torrents were overflowing. 'Also bread is He able to give? Will He provide flesh for His people?'. Therefore heard Jehovah, and He was angry - so a fire was kindled against Jacob, and anger rose against Israel; because not did they believe in God, and not did trust in His salvation; and He commanded the fine clouds above; and the doors of the heavens He opened; and He rained on them manna to eat; and the grain of the heavens He gave to them. The bread of the mighty did eat men; food He sent them to the full. He made blow an easterly in the heavens; and He led out by His power the southerly. And He rained on them like dust flesh, and like the sand of the seas - birds winged. And He made them fall - amidst His camp, all around to His tents. So they ate and were filled full beyond; for their own lust He brought to them. not They were estranged from their lust - while yet their food in their mouths - and the Wrath of God came upon them and killed the fattest of them; and the choice ones of Israel He struck down. In all this they sinned still more, and not did believe in His Wonderful Works; and He ended in vanity their days, and their years in sudden terror. When He killed them, then they sought Him; and they turned and searched eagerly for God. And they remembered that God - their rock, and, THE God MOST HIGH their Redeemer. But they deceived Him with their mouth, and with their tongues lied to Him. For their heart was not steadfast with Him; and not they were faithful in His Covenant. But He being merciful atoned for iniquity and not did destroy. And He multiplied to turn away His anger and not did stir up all His wrath. For He remembered that flesh they - a breath passing away and not does return. How often they disobeyed Him in the wilderness - grieved Him in the desert! And they turned back and tempted God, and the Holy One of Israel pained. not They did remember His hand - the day which redeemed He them from the enemy; Who Set In Egypt His Signs and His Wonders In the field of Zoan. He turned into blood their rivers; also their streams, not they might drink. He sent against them fly swarms, and they devoured them; also frogs, and they destroyed them. He also gave to the stripping locusts their crops, and their labor to the locust. He was killing with hail their vines, and, their sycamore trees by sleet. And He gave up to the hail their cattle and their flocks to the flaming bolts. He sent on them the heat of His anger, fury, indignation, and, trouble - a deputation of angels of evils. He leveled a path for His anger; not He kept back from death their souls but their life to the plague gave over. And He struck all the firstborn in Egypt; the first-fruits of strength in their tents of Ham; the He led forth like sheep His own people, and, He led them like a flock in the wilderness. And He led them on safely; and not did they fear, but their enemies covered over the sea. And He brought them to the border of His holy place; this mountain had gained His right hand. And He cast out before them the nations and He made them fall by a line a possession, and, He made dwell in their tents the Tribes of Israel. And they tested and provoked THE God MOST HIGH, and His T[ESTIMONIES] not did they keep; but turned back and betrayed like their fathers; they veered - like a bow deceitful. For they enraged Him by their high places; with their casted images they provoked Him to jealousy. heard God and was angry - He rejected utterly Israel, and, He left the tabernacle of Shiloh, the Tent He Dwelt In among men; and gave into captivity His strength and His glory into hands the enemy's, and, He delivered to the sword His people, and with His inheritance was angry. His young men burned up - THE FIRE; and His virgins not were praised. His priests by the sword fell; and their widows not were able to weep. Then awoke as one asleep the Lord; like a mighty man rejoicing wine; and He beat His enemies backward; a shame everlasting He put them to. And He refused the tabernacle of Joseph; and the Tribe of Ephraim not He did elect. But He chose the Tribe of Judah, the Mount Zion which He loved. And He built like high places His S[ANCTUARY]; like the earth He founded it forever. He also chose David His servant, and took him from the folds of sheep; from after the suckling He took him, to feed Jacob - His people, and Israel His inheritance. So he fed them in the integrity of his heart, and in the skillfulness of his hands guided them.[ ]



[PSALM 101:1-8 (ILB)]mercy and judgment I will sing of; to You, O Jehovah, I will sing praise. I will act wisely in a way perfect; O when will You come to me? I will walk in integrity my heart's, in the midst of my house. not I will set before my eyes a thing worthless, the doing of the ones turning aside I have hated; not it shall fasten upon me. A heart perverse shall depart from me; evil not I will know. Slanderers secretly of his neighbor - him I will cut off; high eyes and a proud heart - him not I will endure. My eyes on the faithful of the land, to dwell with me - who walks in a way perfect, he shall minister to me. not Shall dwell inside my house who works falsely, who speaks lies - not shall be fixed before my eyes. In the mornings I will cut off all the wicked of the land - to cut off from the city of Jehovah.[ ]



PROVERBS WHICH CONTRAST RIGHTEOUS AND WICKED LIVES, PROVERBS 10:1-15:33 [PROVERBS 10:1-32 (not 31 verses) (ILB)]A [S]on [W]ise makes [R]ejoice a [F]ather, but a son, foolish - makes sorrow of his [M]other. Not do profit treasures of wickedness; but [R]ighteousness [D]elivers from death. Not [A]llows to hunger Jehovah the [S]ouls of the [R]ighteous; but desire the wicked's H[E] pushes away. Poor he who deals a palm lazy; but [H]and the [H]ard [W]orker's makes [R]ich. He who [G]athers in [S]ummer - a [S]on [P]rudent; he who sleeps in [H]arvest - a son causing shame. BLESSINGS to the [H]ead of the [J]ust; but mouth the wicked's covers violence. The [M]emory of the [J]ust - for a BLESSING, but the name of the wicked shall rot. The [W]ise of [H]eart [A]ccepts [C]ommands; but the foolish of lips [S]hall [H]e [T]hrust [A]way. He who [W]alks in [I]ntegrity [W]alks [S]afely; but he who perverts [H[IS]] [W[AYS]] [S]hall [B]e [K]nown. One winking the eye gives pain, and, the foolish of lips [H]e [S]hall thrust away. A [F]ountain of [L]ife - [M]outh the [R]ighteous's; but mouth the wicked's covers violence. Hatred stirs up strifes - but, over all transgressions [C]overs [L]ove. In the [L]ips of the [D]iscerning is [F]ound [W]isdom; but a [R]od for the back of one lacking [H]eart. The [W]ise [S]tore up [K]nowledge; but mouth the fool's - ruin near! Wealth of the [R]ich [M]an - the [C]ity of [H]is [S]trength; ruin of the poor - their poverty. The [W]ork of the [R]ighteous - for [L]ife; the gain of the wicked - for sin. The [P]ath to [L]ife - [O]ne [K]eeping [I]nstruction; but one forsaking [R]eproof - going astray. He who hides hatred - lips of falsehood, and, one sending out slander - he is a fool! In abundance of words not ceases transgression; but [O]ne [R]estraining [H]is [L]ips - [P]rudent. [S]ilver Choice - the [T]ongue of the [J]ust; the heart of the wicked - as a little dross. The [L]ips of the [R]ighteous [F]eed many; but fools in lack of [H]eart kill. The BLESSING OF Jehovah, I[T] makes [R]ich; and [N]ot H[E] [A]dds pain with I[T]. As laughter to the foolish to work out evil devices; [W]isdom [B]ecomes to the [M]an of [U]nderstanding. What is [F]eared by the wicked - [T]hat [S]hall [C]ome upon him; but the [D]esire of the [R]ighteous is [G]iven. As passes the tempest so is not the wicked; but the [R]ighteous - a [F]oundation [E]verlasting. Like vinegar to the teeth, and, like smoke to the eyes - so is the lazy man to those sending him. The [F]ear of Jehovah [P]rolongs [D]ays; but the years of the wicked shall be shortened. The [H]ope of the [R]ighteous - [J]oy; but the hope of the wicked shall perish. Strength to the [U]pright - THE WAY OF Jehovah, but [R]uin to the workers of evil. The [R]ighteous [F]or[e]ever [N]ot [S]hall [B]e [S]haken, but the wicked [N]ot [S]hall [D]well [I]n [T]he [L]and. [M]outh The [R]ighteous's [F]lourishes [W]isdom; but the tongue of perversities [S]hall [B]e [C]ut [O]ff. The [L]ips of the [R]ighteous [K]now [W]hat I[S] [P]leasing; but mouth the wicked's - perversities.[ ]



[PSALM 111:1-10 (ILB)]Praise Jehovah; I [W]ill [T]hank Jehovah with [A]ll the [H]eart; in the [C]ouncil of the [U]pright, and, of the [A]ssembly. Great the Works of Jehovah - [S]ought out by [A]ll those [D]esiring THEM. Honorable and Glorious His Work - His Righteousness endures For[e]ever. A Memorial He Has Made for His Wonders; Gracious and Full of Pity Jehovah IS. Food He Gave to His Fearers; He Will Remember through eternity His Covenant. The Power of His Works He Has shown to His People - to give to Them inheritance of the nations. The Works of His Hands: TRUTH AND JUDGEMENT; True His COMMANDS. [S]tanding Firm For[e]ever and ever, being [D]one in [T]ruth and [U]prightness. Redemption He Sent To His People; He Has Commanded For[e]ever His Covenant; Holy and Awesome - His NAME. the beginning of [W]isdom, the [F]ear of Jehovah; a [U]nderstanding [G]ood to all [P]racticing THEM; His [P]raise Is Standing For[e]ever![ ]



THE PREDICTIONS OF THE KING, MATTHEW 24:1-25:46; The Illustrations, MATTHEW 24:32-25:46; The talents [MATTHEW 25:14-30 (ILB)]as if For a man going abroad called the own slaves, and delivered to them the goods of him, and to one indeed he gave five talents; to one and two; to one and one; to each by the own ability; and went abroad immediately. going And he the five talents. Likewise, also the two; gained also other five talents. Likewise, also the two; gained also he other two. he But the one receiving, going away dug in the earth, and hid the silver of the lord - of slaves those, and takes with them account. And coming up, the five talents receiving brought near other five talents, saying: 'Lord, five talents to me you delivered; behold, other five talents I gained over them.'. said And to him the lord of him: 'Well, slave good and faithful, over a few you were faithful, over many you I will set. Enter into the joy of the lord of you.'. coming up And also the two talents receiving said: 'Lord, two talents to me you delivered; behold, other two talents I gained over them.'. said to him The lord of him: 'Well, slave good and faithful, over a few you were faithful; over many you I will set. Enter into the joy of the lord of you.'. coming up And also the one talent received said: 'Lord, I knew you, that hard you are a man, reaping where not you sowed, and gathering from where not you scattered; and fearing, going away, I hid the talent of you in the earth; behold, you have yours.'. answering And, the lord of him said to him: 'Evil slave and slothful, you know that I reap where not I sowed, and I gather where not I scattered; it behoved then you to put the silver of me to the bankers, and coming I would have received again mine with interest. Take, therefore, from him the talent, and give to him having the ten talents. to him For having, each will be given and he will abound; from but not having, even what he has will be taken from him. And the worthless slave throw out into the darkness - outer; there will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth.'.[ ]


THE REPUDIATION OF THE SON OF MAN BY MEN, LUKE 9:51-19:27; Instruction in the Light of Rejection, LUKE 12:1- 19:27; Concerning faithfulness [LUKE 19:11-27 (ILB)]hearing And them these things, added He told a parable, because near He was to Jerusalem, and thought they that immediately was about the kingdom - of God to be revealed. He said, then: 'Man a certain well-born went to a country distant to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. having called And ten slaves of himself, he gave to them ten minas, and said to them: 'Trade until I come.'. the But citizens of him hated him, and sent a delegation after him, saying: 'not We desire this one to reign over us.'. And it was, in the returning him, having received the kingdom, even he said to be called to him - slaves those to whom he gave the silver, that he know what each had gained by trading. came And the first, saying: 'Lord, the mina of you has gained ten minas.'. And he said to him: 'Well, good slave; for in a least thing faithful you were, be authority having over ten cities.'. And came the second, saying: 'Lord, behold, the mina of you which I had made five minas.'. he said And also to this: 'And you be over five cities.'. And another came, saying: 'Lord, behold, the mina of you which I had reserved in a napkin; I feared for you, for a man exacting you are, taking what not you lay, and reaping what not you sowed.'. he says And to him: 'From the mouth of you I will judge you, wicked slave. You knew I an exacting man am, taking what not I laid, and reaping what not I sowed. And why not did you give the silver of me on the counter's table? And I coming, with interest may have exacted it.'. And to those standing by he said: 'Take from him the mina, and give to the ten minas having.'. And they said to him: 'Lord he has ten minas.'. I say For to you - that everyone having, it will be given, and, from and the not having, even what he has will be taken from him. But - men who are opposed to of me these; those not desiring me to reign over them, bring them here and slaughter all the disobedient before me.'. '.[ ]


... As a closing note: Is not it a wonder how the [[non-profit religions and religion universities and religion seminaries and [diversified-partnership(s)] religion network stations and such on and so forth] [world[ly]-]]wealthy Preachers are now attempting to "play catch-up with the TRUTHS HEREIN CONTAINED THROUGHOUT that they should have had before [T[HESE]] MELCHIZEDEK and ZPCS [W[EBSITES]] [W]ere ESTABLISHED [B]y T[HE] W[ORD OF] God and not on [Y]our [hard-earned] [M]oney ... time to shut them down and leave them H[OPEFULLY] [R]epenting and [A]sking for [F]orgiveness [I]n [C]alling [O]n The L[ORD] instead of mooching off [Y]ou and bleeding [Y]ou to the poorhouse (hell in a hand-basket - tra-la-la-la-la, hop, skip, and, a jump)... preaching money always (become a land owner and such and how to get a fulfilment to share in the world by giving a "seed" to them (...that they use to take hold of what Satan tempted the Anointed Jesus with , see: MATTHEW 4:1-11) somehow into the sermon luring and snaring [Y]ou to believe Jesus's Faith was in the world in the system of the world - which is an abomination to God, The Father! ... they are gasping hard now in their final breaths ... let them die (oops! I meant "lie") in thier worldly peace (which isn't much - for the more money you have the more the world wants and devises [a] scheme to remove it from you - by this you know who their father is as he was a murderer from the beginning ...) of their own devise(s) in rebellion against God. Listen intently to what they say not what you want to hear - you will know them pagans for Who[m's] They Are just as the L[ORD] Knows [W]ho [Y]ou [A]re.
As for [M]e: I [A] [[M]AN] with no worldly 'entourage', and, 'musing ingratiated adulation(s) aspiration(s)'. Being [S]eparate[d] [F]rom the world [way of doings].. What [H]as [B]een [D]one [W]ith [P]ennies [H]ere [I]n [A] [S]hort [T]ime even all The[ir] millions, or cumulative billions, could not do over the long years of The[ir] Preach[er]ing (... [T[HERE]] IS THE PROMISED 'financial' BLESSING THE L[ORD'S] PROSPERITY P[ROVIDES] ... ; the world[ly] Preachers Have A Different Possessed Spirit[ual] View ... Hey, you don't get rich by spending your own money - mooch others and spend theirs - that's the way of the world as you won't be able to audaciously and exuberantly spend money after its all over and you're in the ground, or your [private] mausoleum, at the expense of your fellow [hu]Man (Do the least amount of work for the most amount of gain - even at the expense of your fellow [hu]Man - or, in some cases; the "[Y]our [H]oping [B]rother". After all: "Time is Money!" in the world. The (This) Apostate world does not like HEARING THE TRUTH - They [W]ould [H]ave [T]o [A[CT]] [O[N]] I[T OR] perish [B[EING]] [T[RAMPLED]] [U[NDER]] [F[OOT]] [A[S]] [S[ALT]] [H[AVING]] [L[OST]] [I[TS]] [S[AVOR]].).). ... Posterity, Prosperity, Dominion, and, Glory [T]o God [In All Facets], In [On] [T]he [N]ame[sake] of CHRIST Jesus. [(Amen)] I A-MAN. I'll [H]ang [W]ith [M[Y]] F[ATHER], [T]hank [[Y]OU].

ROBBERY 3:7-12

[MALACHI 3:7-12 (ILB)]"From the days of your father's, you have turned from M[Y] Statutes And Not Have Kept Them. Return To M[E] And I Will Return To [Y]ou.", [S]ays Jehovah [OF [H[OSTS]]]. But you say: 'In what shall we return? Will rob a man God?'. "Yet you robbing M[E]. But you say: 'In what way have we robbed You?'. The Tithe and the Offering! With a curse [Y]ou being cursed; for M[E] you robbing [T]he [N]ation, [A[LL OF]] [I[T]]? Bring All The Tithes Into The House Of Treasury Goods That May Be The Spoil In M[Y] House. And [T]est M[E] [N]ow In This, Says Jehovah [OF [H[OSTS]]], If Not I Will Open For [Y]ou The Windows Of The Divine Abode And Pour Out For [Y]ou A BLESSING Until Not Is Sufficiency. And I Will Rebuke For [Y]ou The devourer For [Y]ou And Not He Shall Cause Ruin To [Y]ou The Fruit Of The Ground, And Not Will Miscarry Against [Y]ou The Vine In The Field.", [S]ays Jehovah [OF [H[OSTS]]].[ ]

Note the usage of "Spoil" above in MALACHI 3:7-12; see: GENESIS 14:[1-17,]18-21[,22-24].

YHVH LAUGHS AT YOU Preachers ... see: JOB 22:17-30a; PSALM 2:4, 37:12-15, 59:7-8.

I[N] G[[O]ODLY] GUIDANCE [W]e [[H][AVE]] This - 'a [P]rudent [M]an [S]ees evil and [R]uns and [H]ides [F]rom evil.' (E[VEN] Jesus of Nazareth in [H]is (earthly) [M]inistry [H]ad [O]ccasion(s) [T]o [F]lee and [H]ide). [Y]ou It [I]s [T]o - [A]sk: 'what Then does foolish evil run and hide from if the wickedness [S]hould [T]he [P]rudent [M]an [R]un and [H]ide [F]rom?'.

... [I[T]] [H[AS]] [B[EEN]] [S[AID]], and, [N]ow [W]ritten ...


[JAMES 1:2-12 (KJV)]My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into diverse temptations: Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Let the brother of low degree rejoice in that he is exalted: But the rich, in that he is made: because as the flower of the grass he shall pass away. For the sun is no sooner risen with a burning heat, but it withereth the grass, and the flower thereof falleth, and the grace of the fashion of it perisheth; so also shall the rich man fade away in his ways. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.[ ]

(ZPCS SIMPLE REMINDER ... Proof and Re-Proof ...)